10 Things You Didn't Know About Lyric Soprano & Music Educator Jessica Yan Macintosh

    1. Tell us your thoughts on Travelling.

    I think travelling is to experience and learn about customs, traditions, cultures, languages, music, art and cuisines of different countries in the world.

    2. Share your thoughts on music and singing, how important it is to you.

    Music is a kind of culture. Music from around the world have their own characteristics. Sometimes you can appreciate the similarities in different cultures through music. Singing is not just about delivering the notes, each song has its own story. The most important thing is how to tell the story in a way that touches the heart of the singer and the audience. Believe it or not, I don't seek music just because I am a musician, I am attracted to music that catches my attention.

    3. What do you do to relax?

    Driving, reading books on philosophy, playing tennis, going to the gym, hiking, cycling and meeting friends.

    4. What is a typical day for Jessica?

    I'm always on the move. I play tennis or go to the gym for a couple of hours in the morning. I do vocal exercises or teach singing in the afternoon. I go grocery shopping and make dinner in the evening, have a glass of wine and share with my husband how we spent the day,

    5. Who do you admire?

    My husband is the love of my life.

    6. If you had a dinner party and could invite anyone in the world famous or not, who would you invite and why?

    I would invite my mum and dad who worked as educators. I'm the youngest in the family. I remember my parents being busy at work everyday and my brothers and sisters would look after me. I left home to go to university when I was 17 and would only see my parents for a short time during term break. Our conversations were about how my studies went, how I was looking after myself and whether the food at the university was any good. I want to be their friends so I can really understand them and get to know them. For example, the hardship of parenthood, their love story, what they think of inter-racial marriage and whether they ever regretted trying to stop me from learning music.

    7. What are your pet peeves?

    People who are not trustworthy and dishonest.

    8. What has been an unforgettable experience?

    When I performed in my first opera. My parents told me they were very nervous.

    9. What's on your bucket list?

    a, As a director of Vancouver Opera, my responsibility is to promote performing arts and opera. I hope more Chinese will learn and know how to appreciate opera.

    b, I hope to have a charity concert every two years to donate to organisations in need of funds.

    c, An album titled "Around the world"

    10. What is true happiness?

    Happiness is a feeling of satisfaction, it is the ability to help others, an attitude of accepting life. Happiness is a manifestation of gratitude.

    Jessica is an elegant and gracious lady.  I always enjoy spending time with her and watching her perform.  Thank you for sharing with us Jessica! -Deborah Moore