12 Thing You Didn't Know About Benny Yau

    Benny Yau has been entertaining crowds nationwide since garnering First Runner-up at the New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition 2000.  Having hosted countless programs for Fairchild Television such as "What's On", "Angling Unlimited", and "BC Children's Hospital Miracle Weekend Telethon", Benny has proven to be a versatile master of ceremonies, presenter, and actor.  A classically trained tenor, Benny is currently one of two front persons of the popular dance band The West Coast Players, performing in venues across greater Vancouver and beyond.  Benny is also an Entertainment Host for Princess Cruises, where he delights thousands of guests on board cruise ships hosting everything from major game show productions to the daily television morning broadcast, "The Wake Show"

    1. I am a big dog lover.  I've been surrounded by dogs since I was born. Currently, the dog in my life is Rolly, my 2 year-old black lab.  Even though he drools all over my clothes, I still love him. 

    2. I may not look very athletic (and it's mostly true!), but I love to swim!  In fact, I used to be in a swim club and swam competitively when I was in high school.  Even now, I'd prefer to go to the pool and swim over going to the gym to work out.No caption

    3. I was cast in a movie in Hong Kong back when I was 5 years-old as a second male lead, opposite superstar Alan Tam.  However, on the first night of shooting, my nerves got to me, and I refused to co-operate with filming and that marked the end of my budding child star career.

    4. I am quite the night owl.  My usual bedtime is around 2am.  My brain functions best at night.  On the flipside, I am probably the world's worst morning person.  Coffee, please!

    5. I love to watch cooking shows and have a pretty healthy cookbook collection.  After experimenting with a Christmas dinner made completely from scratch 3 years ago to great reviews, I am now the designated cook on Thanksgiving and Christmas for my friends!

    6. I am a bit of a Pokémon fan.  I have Pokémon plushies, figurines, clothing, cards, posters, books, DVDs, limited edition game consoles, and I still buy the video games on release day.  I confess that I have seen "Pokémon: The First Movie" 5 times in theatres, dragging my brother along for the first three times, and finally, seeing the film by myself the fourth and fifth time because my brother refused to go again!

    7. One of the most memorable presenting jobs I've had was "The Price is Right - Live!", co-hosting with Joey Fatone of *NSync.  It was amazing seeing how the production worked, and I even got to test all the pricing games, including my favourite, Plinko!

    8. Whenever I am getting to know someone, one of the first things I ask is their last name.  I find it too impersonal to know someone solely by their first name.  I always associate people in my mind by their full names.

    9. I had a bout with meningitis when I was 9 years-old and was taken care of very well by the doctors and nurses at BC Children's Hospital.  Since then, I have been a great supporter of Children's Miracle Network and donate to the cause regularly.  I also had the honour of co-hosting the BC Children's Hospital Miracle Weekend Telethon from 2007 to 2009.  Funny side story, hours before I was due live on air for the 2008 telethon, I came down with a really bad fever and chills.  I toughed it out for the telecast, but in my hallucinatory state, I misread the current pledge amount of $50,000 as $500,000 during one of the segments!  Oops!  Needless to say, I was sent to the hospital very quickly after the telethon was over.  That's live television for you!

    10. I have tried 2 eating challenges , both happened in Las Vegas, on two separate trips.  The first was the 6-pound burrito at the now-closed Nascar Café.  That thing was HUGE! I think I managed to eat half the burrito before calling it quits.  The second was the "Quad Bypass" burger at Heart Attack Grill.  I actually finished that one and it was delicious!

    11. In 2012, I decided to take a spontaneous vacation by myself and went to New York City.  It was by far the BEST vacation I've ever had.  I got to wander and explore the city at my own pace, doing everything I wanted to do, without following a set itinerary.  I had a fantastic time and have wanted to go back ever since.  I even got to meet Anderson Cooper at his talk show!  If you haven't tried vacationing solo, I highly recommend it.

    12. I had two dream careers when I was a child: be an entertainer on television because I love to sing and perform, and to be a cashier at the supermarket so I can scan grocery items through (I was fascinated by the scanner thingy at grocery stores that goes "beep!").  So far, I've only been able to realize one of those two dreams.  Guess which one?  Hahaha