10 Thing You Didn't Know About Chef Denice Wai.

    Denice Wai (韋兆嫻), Founder of 6 Senses Cooking Studio (Six Senses limited), celebrity chef, TV Host in Hong Kong and Canada, Recipe Writer for various local Magazines, Newspapers and online platforms.


    Denice has been promoting “Healthy Life Style” since 2004.  Her philosophy of “Healthy Life Style” starts from Green Cooking: eating healthy, know what you eat, how to prepare and where the ingredient comes from.


    In 2013, Denice further expanded her skills in creating her brand name “Denice Wai 韋兆嫻” Food Products which are available widely in well-known supermarkets such as Three-Sixty, Sogo, Jason, Market Place, YATA and Aeon.  Before opening 6 Senses, Denice  free-lanced as an instructor at Towngas Cooking Centre during her stay in Hong Kong. When she lived in Vancouver, she opened “Denice Dessert House” that specialized in gourmet desserts, wedding cakes and gift basket design for customers.


     1. My first job is not a Chef. My first job was an Administrative Assistant for a development company.



    2. I was a serious asthmatic when I was young and I was in and out of hospital regularly.  Secretly ,I pretty much enjoyed it as that meant no need to do homework or exams!!



    3.  I was a certified school traffic patrol captain back in high school. It was pretty cool!



    4. I love Hong Kong street food. Every time when I'm in Hong Kong I will visit the fish balls, stinky tofu and egg waffles stands



    5. I have been practising yoga for over 15 years and still practice everyday.



    6. I'm not a meat lover. I prefer more veggie than meat. If I had to choose I prefer chicken or fish.



    7. People always wonder about my marital status.  Yes, I'm married, have two boys and a lovely husband.



    8. I was the shortest in my family, my two brothers are 5'10 and 6' tall.



    9. I'm a very picky person, I dislike messy and disorganised working areas especially kitchen counters.



    10. I'm allergic to cats.  I get serious nasal congestion.



    I always have fun chatting with Denice on my radio show.  Denice has travelled to Italy for cooking classes and even has her own recipe book on cooking Italian food Denice style!  Currently, Denice is travelling back and forth between Hong Kong and Vancouver.  She's busy running 6 Senses and also filming a TV show for Fairchild Television.  She'll be headed to Japan again this year and has promised to be on the show to share her food and travel adventures with my audience. Deborah Moore