11 Things You Didn't Know About Miss Chinese Vancouver 2015 Jennifer Coosemans

    1.  Were you the only girl who played the trombone in band class?

    When I first started playing in band class I was the only girl, but in later years I met a few more that played as well! I think as far as instruments go everyone should feel free to play what they like.

    2.  Have you played in bands outside of high school?

    I've played in a marching band before!

    3.  You're very musically talented, have you ever made your own instruments?

    I actually used to help my dad carve and assemble aboriginal rattled, box drums and hand held Hyde-drums

    4.  What's your favourite school subject?

    Chemistry, I especially enjoy organic chemistry.

    5.  What's your least favourite subject?

    I used to hate organic chemistry, but now I understand it more and have come to love it!

    6.  Were you always considered the beauty queen type?

    Actually I was considered a band geek and the girl who stayed in class after hours through high school.

    7.  Are you afraid of anything? Do you have any phobias?

    I am still very afraid of earth worms. I know it's irrational to be afraid of such harmless creatures, so I am trying to get over it.

    8.  In that case, I suppose you haven't eaten an insect before, have you?

    Actually I recently ate a snail! It took me about 5 minutes to eat it. Haha!

    9.  Your favourite place to go hiking in Terrace are in the lava beds nearby, what makes this place so special ?

    The lava beds are a very unique terrain to walk around and there are beautiful waterfalls within them. There are also some special sights to see such as a mysterious tree hole tat shows a tree bark impression left inside the lava mold.

    10.  What is your favourite thing to do with mom ?

    I always really enjoy spending quality time with mom while folding wontons and spring rolls.

    11.  What is your favourite thing to do with your dad ? 

    I love to spend time in the garden with dad, especially when we get to harvest strawberries, or cherries, pears and apples from our fruit trees.   

    It was lovely to meet Jennifer and chat with her on my radio show in person. Jennifer is charming and beautiful.  I can see a bright future ahead of her.  Funnily enough, I do see aspects of myself in Jennifer. We're both Eurasian and speak English as  our main language.  It'll be challenging and interesting to navigate the waters of the Asian entertainment industry.  I, myself have had a mostly terrific time.  It's been enjoyable and rewarding with a few life lessons thrown in here and there. I'm sure Jennifer will have a wonderful time and I wish her the best of luck in all her endeavours.