10 Things You Didn't know about The Three Gourmigos!

    Hanging with the Three Gourmigos!

    The Three Gourmigos are Fairchild Radio and Television Host William Ho,  Fairchild Radio and Television Host Deborah Moore and Food Blogger and Fairchild Television Host Bosco Mo.  Although they are busy with their own careers they found that they were often invited to the same events.  This lead to them comparing notes about the places they've been to.  It was only natural that they eventually joined up and formed The Three Gourmigos.  Their outlook and taste buds are unique to each of them which leads to many lively discussions on the latest food trend or restaurant.  They not only cover food and restaurants but are often invited to attend other social events, too.  Practically joined at the hips, people often ask where the other is if one of them can't make an event.  Besides eating and hanging and generally getting into mischief, here are a few more things to know about the Three Gourmigos.

    1.  William is very punctual and will often arrive early.  Deborah likes to arrive fashionably late.  Bosco......"has anyone seen Bosco?"

    Chinese New Year.

    2.  William tapes many TV shows to watch when he has time. He likes The View, Ellen, The Voice, Dancing With The Stars and Big Bang Theory)  Deborah likes any show as long as it has an English accent. She can't wait for the new season of Downton Abbey.  In the meantime, Deborah is hooked on Korean Dramas and watches them even when she's exercising. Her current favourite is Oh My Ghostess. It's a love triangle between a chef, his assistant and a ghost. Bosco watches TV as he's working on the computer. He also likes shows with an English / Australian accent and reality TV shows. His past and current favourites are Kath and Kim, Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, Happy Valley, The IT Crowd, Project Runway, Survivors and The Amazing Race.

    Sake wine paired dinner at Dynasty.

    3. Bosco is the technical one of the three. William is the speed poster on Social Media and Deb is the Selfie Queen.

    Deb's the selfie queen!  But William is the speed poster.

    4.  Deb doesn't cook at home even though she has a fully operational kitchen that has appeared on many cooking shows.  Bosco throws BBQ and Pot Lucks from his house.  William says please leave his kitchen out of it.

    Filming in Deb's kitchen for one her cooking shows for Fairchild TV with Chef Ben Lai.

    5.  William has a house full of indoor plants. Deb wants to know how he keeps them alive. Bosco has a house full of IT books. Deb wants to know how he can stay awake reading these books.

    Did William cook this? Probably not!

    Just some of William's many indoor plants.

    6.  When Bosco goes home his two "Masters" Pogo and Seymour are waiting for him. His two dogs have him very well trained. Pogo is obsessed with playing Fetch the Ball. He doesn't let go of his ball even when he sleeps. Seymour hides mail under the rug so Bosco can't find them. He is also known to steal food from the table.

    Pogo: You said you're going to play Fetch the Ball with me...I'm still waiting...

    Seymour: I didn't see any mail, did you Pogo?

    7.  William is an early riser (his morning show is 6-8 AM). So, he's often in bed by 10.  Despite a busy social life, Deb likes to be in bed by 9:30 PM and manages to do this at least 2-3 times a week.  Bosco requires the least amount of sleep.  Going to bed often at 1-2 in the morning after skyping with his IT colleagues and he's up by 5-6 in the morning.

    Deb sleeps the most and thinks everything is better done in bed, reading, watching television, checking emails, etc.

    Bosco at the pool playing water polo.

    8.  Deb is the rose between two thorns. William and Bosco have often been mistaken as her husband.  In reality, they live in three different cities and are very happy in their own relationships.  All partners are not interested to be on camera.  Deb says she feels she's out with her two brothers.

    At the Taiwan Food Festival.

    9.  The Three Gourmigos communicate with each other everyday, either through email, messagng or phone calls.  Literally joined at the hips.

    The Three Gourmigos with Townhall Brands' Leeann Froese at this year's Spot Prawns Festival

    10.  With all the eating they do between them, exercising is a big part of their routine.  Weather permitting William likes to go for long walks.  If not, he's in the gym everyday.  Bosco is a diving enthusiast and can be found in the pool most afternoons.  Or, chasing after his dogs.  Deb hates exercise of any kind but, grudgingly goes to the gym for an hour each day to use the treadmill.  She's found that it's actually given her time to catch up on some of her favourite shows and do some reading.

    Partners in food crime and best buds!

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