10 Things You didn't Know About Danny Lau

    1.  I have two dogs..

    Gio is 12 years of age (Born in 2003). He is a Puggle. (Pug cross with a beagle) He is very food-oriented. Scout is 8. (Born in 2007). She is a German Short haired Pointer. Born and raised in Vancouver. She is very play-oriented.

    2. My favourite TV show... House Hunters International! 

    I Love to see what people desire and how they live all around the world. It's like a travel show on it's own.  It's also great to see different cities without having to travel,  I'd probably not have a chance to go to some of them anyway.

    3. My favourite book.. "Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Luis:    Here are some of the points that resonate with me.

    i) Be impeccable with your words

    ii) Don't take anything personally

    iii) Don't make assumptions

    iv) Always do your best

    I think it should be a text book for everyone on any subject  Very basic concepts on life and if everyone believes and acquires the four agreements, the world would be a better place already. The author has written the Fifth Agreement recently: v) Be skeptical but learn to listen.

    4. I admire anyone who makes a difference in the world.  Their efforts  make the world a better place for all living things.

    5. You will always catch me wearing a tee-shirt. I dreamt one day that I will open a tee-shirt shop. I love Tees!

    6. I don't have a bucket list. I just do whatever comes into my  life. One thing at a time.  I believe everyone and everything has come into your life for a reason. A chance to learn and grow.  I don't think I really need and want anything. If it's meant to be for me, it will come.

    7. In my next life...... I will let the universe decide what my soul needs to learn in my next life.  Just like what the universe has decided for me to come as in this life time.

    8. When I'm not working........I am  very much a home-body. My day usually evolves around work, spending time with my dogs, doing home stuff (grocery shopping and house cleaning), making meals and sleeping.

    9. My guilty pleasure........  I like to people watch.  One of my favourite places to people watch is at the airport.  So many people coming and going.  You really see a lot.  I don't like going through customs though.  It makes me anxious.  Somehow they make you feel guilty even though you haven't done anything.

    10. Pet-peeves........ People driving badly; People speaking in lazy tongue especially in Cantonese; redundancy; bad hygiene.......yuck!

    I always enjoy having Danny Lau on my show.  We talk about everything from life, menopause and everything in between.  Danny feels like a wonderful old soul to me.  (Don't worry Danny you don't look old)!  I always feel he knows exactly what I mean.  Talking to Danny is like talking to a brother.  Hey, bro! You can catch his radio show on Sundays on FM96.1 between 8-10 PM.  We have a good laugh because that was my old time slot before I moved over to AM1470.  Deborah Moore