Tea and Mooncakes

    Happy Mid Autumn Festival with Tea and Mooncakes.

    TWG Tea 2015 Traditional Mooncake Collection - Constellation, Moonlight, Harvest, Fire.

    TWG Autumn Celebration Tea & tea infused mooncakes.

    A Moonlit Night  (Li Fangping)

    The moon has painted half the room at dead of night,

    The slanting Plough and Southern Stars shed their dim light.

    I can feel in the air the warm breath of new spring,

    For through my window screen I hear the insects sing.  

    Translated by Zu Yuan Zhong

    From 300 Tang Poems - A New Translation Edited by Xu Yuan Zhang, Loh Bei Yei and Wu Juntao The Commercial Press, Ltd.

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    A fun tea and mooncake sampling at TWG.

    A beautiful MId Autumn gift set from TWG.

    A Tranquil Night  (Li Bai)

    Before my bed a pool of light,

    Is it hoarfrost upon the ground?

    Eyes raised, I see the moon so bright;

    Head bent, in homesickness I'm drowned.

    Translated by Xu Yuan Zhong

    From 300 Tang Poems - A new Translation Edited by Xu Yuan Zhong, Loh Bei Yei and Wu Juntao      The Commercial Press, Ltd.

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    Autumn Celebration Tea Set.  The set is for two people.  Here it is for four.

    I recently visited The Urban Tea Merchants in downtown Vancouver for a fun afternoon of Mooncakes and Tea Pairings where we sampled four traditional yet unique mooncakes.    Constellation is a a mix of lotus filling and roasted melon seed with a salted egg yolk heart.  This is the most traditional mooncake.  Moonlight, which is my personal favourite is a smooth black sesame paste infused with Pu-Erh Prestige tea with black and white sesame.  Harvest is for the nut lover featuring a mix of almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts and pecans.   Fire is a white lotus and pistachio mooncake infused with Paris-Singapore Tea and dried cranberries.  These delicious mooncakes were expertly paired with TWG's fine teas.  Tea Sommelier Reza, explained the delicate flavours of the tea and why it would go well with the mooncakes.   Our hospitable hosts at TWG then presented us with their new seasonal tea service aptly called the Autumn Celebration Tea Service which is for two people.  A delicious feast of sweet and savouries with a mooncake to make it extra special and timely for Mid Autumn Festival.  Here's the menu


    Braised “Ethnic Jewel Tea” Beef Short Rib, Cardamom-scented Rice,

    Pickled Carrot on Butter Lettuce

    “Imperial Lapsang Souchong”Black Sesame Chicken Cup

    Smoked Salmon Rosette, “Sencha” Wasabi Aioli, Marble Rye

    “Jade of Africa” Slow Cooked Pork Belly with Maple Crème Fraîche


    “Indian Night” Pumpkin Tart with Cinnamon Chantilly

    ”Weekend In Venice” Strawberry Dome, Crème Anglaise, Pistachios

    Almond Half Moon Cookie

    TWG Tea Mooncake

    Mélange of Fresh Fruit

    I always enjoy afternoon tea at the Urban Tea Merchants.  Everything is beautifully presented.  The food is delicious and the teas aromatic and fragrant.   http://www.urbantea.com/

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    One of my favourite places for Afternoon Tea - The Urban Tea Merchant.

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    Fine teas and lovely gift sets.