Dalmore Rare Whiskies

    Beautiful display of rare whiskies from Dalmore.  I love the silver stag.   Simple and elegant.

    On Chinese New Year Day, I attended The Dalmore Presentation, Whisky Tasting and Dinner hosted by The Dalmore's Global Constellation Collection Brand Ambassador, David Robertson.  This exclusive event was held at the BLACK+BLUE Private Dining Room in Vancouver.  The Dalmore Constellation Colleciton-1960s Decades Set is a four bottle collection featuring some of the the world's rarest single malts and is valued at $139,000.  To celebrate this special occasion guests were invited to sample some of the rare whiskies by Dalmore including The 12, The 15, The 18, The Dalmore 25,The Cigar Malt Reserve and the King Alexander III  

    With Mr. David Robertson - The Dalmore's Global Constellation Collection Brand Ambassador.

    I'm ready to sample the five rare Whiskies by Dalmore. The 12, The 15, The 18, The Dalmore 25, The Cigar Malt Reserve and The King Alexander III.

    Mr. David Robertson lead us through an informative slide show and regaled us with funny anecdotes throughout the evening. We learnt about the history of Dalmore and about the distillery, distillation, maturity and fusion of it's whiskies. The Dalmore whiskies date back to the 13th Century with some of the oldest and rarest stocks of single malt in the world.

    Attending my very first Whiskey tasting.  What a fun and educational evening!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Michael Lam lived in Glasgow, Scotland for 5 years. He had he opportunity to "nose" many samples of blended whiskies and visited 30-35 distilleries.  Michael also has a humble collection of about 400-500 whisky/whiskey miniature bottles!  He was,needless to say, really excited to be part of an exciting evening to celebrate Chinese New Year!

     My dinner companion is Michael Lam -  Freelance Beverage Journalist (The Beverage Review).

    A sumptuous dinner menu at the BLACK+BLUE  paired with fine wine and rare whiskies.

    Appetizer Trio                                                                                           Washington Loin of Lamb

    European SeaBass                                                                                 Chocolate Marquis

    Mr. Robertson suggested we pair our chocolate dessert with our favourite Whiskey.  I really enjoyed The Cigar Malt Reserve.  I found it quite floral and very ladylike.

    Michael loves whiskey and was a great dinner companion.

    Michael knows The Dalmore quite well because The Dalmore 12 is one of his regular whiskeys!  In fact, Michael was honoured to have a signed booklet from Master Blender Richard Paterson when Dalmore launched its Constellation series in Vancouver a couple of years back.  He was very excited to attend this special event.

    What a terrific way to celebrate Chinese New Year than with rare whiskies by Dalmore.

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