12 Things You Didn't Know About William Hu

    1. I prefer good company over good food
    2. Although I never knew my biological parents - I was fortunate to be adopted and raised by the best parents in the whole world.
    3. I believe good luck comes when you have a positive attitude.
    4. Life is a choice, a free, unfettered lifestyle could be very lonely.
    5. I would feel irritated all day if I didn't do my hair right.
    6. I must be schizophrenic as I am a Gemini + Blood Type AB + Leo Ascendant + Moon Constellation Virgo - a combination of extremes.
    7. My mum said Mahjong can cure all illnesses but for me, cheers and applause are more effective.
    8. I hate diamond-shaped rooms but I don't dislike real diamonds.
    9. When I am faced with no choice, I choose to accept.
    10. Friends who know me know I don't drink. Do I look like the kind of guy who likes to drink?
    11. The process of cooking is the most relaxing and most enjoyable for me.
    12. I tend to avoid food that Chinese medicine considers damp and harmful, etc., beef, duck, fish with no scales, mushrooms, mangoes and pineapples.

    「溫哥華華裔小姐競選 2014」 大會司儀 胡渭康

    William Hu

    Height: 1.86 m

    Birthday: May 25th

    Zodiac: Gemini

    Language: Cantonese, Mandarin, English

    Favorite Sport: Swimming

    Favorite Color: Black, white, blue, green

    Hobbies: Singing

    Favorite Dish: Homemade dish


    2012 - Your Memories Concert 2012


    2012 - Lip Love; Keep Going

    1985 - Kiss the Angel Songbook

    1984 - New Rhythm of Chinese Star Television

    1983 - Debt of the Heart


    2011 - I Love Hong Kong 2012 ; Tomorrow Is Another Day – Demon 2

    2009 - Tomorrow Is Another Day – Demon 1

    1999 - The Kingdom of Mob; Trust Me U Die

    1995 - Beijing Train

    1987 - Why Why Tell Me Why; Crazy Game; How Are You My Friend


    2012 - Queen of Windsurfing


    2012 - Occupational Safety & Health Council, Workplace Hygiene Charter - OSH Ambassador

    2011 – 2008 Caritas Hong Kong Fund Raising Campaign - Caring Ambassadors; Caritas Hong Kong– Rehabilitation Ambassador

    2010-2008 Ambassadors of Tin Yan Charity Organization


    1993 - Guangzhou Most Popular Hong Kong male TV entertainer award

    1986 - Japan Tokyo Music Festival Special Asian Award and Best Stage Award

    Weibo: http://t.sina.com.cn/1726083914

    Tencent Weibo: http://t.qq.com/williamhuk