12 Things You Didn't Know About Henry Yuen

    Henry Yuen is a bilingual food, wine and travel columnist. An accountant by trade, a home chef and a wine lover by night, Henry enjoys sipping, learning and writing about wines and everything related. Henry began sharing his passion for food & wine writing under an alias for various Chinese media including co-hosting the first Chinese language Food, Wine, Travel and Sports radio show with Stephanie Yuen. He now writes on blogs and printed publications and appears regularly on my show on Fairchild Radio AM1470. You can find his English wine blogs at Beyond Chopsticks and Chinese wine blogs at Vancouver Sun (Taiyang Bao).

    1. What is your favourite sport?

    A soccer player all my life, from being the captain of the high school soccer team in Hong Kong many moons ago to walking-pace soccer these days, friends say soccer is in my blood. I seldom play other sports but love to watch hockey and football, likely because they involve a lot of body contact.

    2. How did you become a wine writer?

    Thanks to my wife, Stephanie, a food and life style writer, chef and spokesperson, I got into writing and talking about wine. I used to tag along on her media and social events and whatever she didn’t drink, I helped. That’s how I got involved and developed the taste bud for wine.

    3. What is your day job?

    I am a CPA, CMA, a professional accountant, a number cruncher as they say. I like to share my wine stories through business and management practicality view points, besides savouring the flavour, aroma and body structure of the wines, of course!

    4. What is your favourite food?

    There is practically nothing I don’t like to eat or at least try, though certain ethnic dish is an acquired taste and it does take time to get used to.

    5. What is your favourite pastime?

    Love driving in my convertible! Summer in Vancouver is perfect for driving topless, even deep into late October. Turn on the heater and all is good!

    6. What is the name of your first pet?

    A 140-lb Black Labrador and Rottweiler cross appropriately named Jumbo was our first pet who was the smartest dog I ever encountered. Now I have two 95-lb dogs we adopted last summer - a very passionate Boxer named Miles and a very caring American bull dog Rosie.

    7. What gives you joy and happiness?

    Miles and Rosie occupy at least 50% of our lives and give us so much joy and happiness. While 5% is walking and playing; 45% is cleaning, their bodies, our townhouse and towels, lots of them!

    8. Who does most of the cooking at home?

    I occasionally cook at home. Mostly summer barbeques, meat roasts and pasta dishes using my own recipes. Handling all the holiday cooking for Easter Thanksgiving and Christmas is also my forte.

    9. What is your favourite party food?

    We throw ‘pizza-making parties’ for the family once in a while. Kids love them. I prepare the pizza dough from scratch and let it rise overnight, get all the toppings ready for everyone to make their own pizza. They do come in all shapes – triangle, rectangle, heart shape, odd shape…

    I’m just glad I don’t have to eat them!

    10. What are your favourite wines?

    I like bigger and bolder wines and tend to gravitate towards those varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Malbec etc. It doesn’t mean I don’t drink other wines. Oh yes, I do have more of these big reds in my cooler.

    11. What are you a big fan of?

    I am a big fan of BC wines! They are beautiful wines with own signature characteristics; and often compare favourably to wines from other parts of the world as evident by the various wine awards garnered in international wine competitions. You don’t know what you are missing if you have yet to try them. 

    12. What is your next travel destination?

    I enjoy travelling to Europe where I believe is the Holy Grail of wines - at least for me! Been to France, Italy and Germany so the next trip would ideally be Spain & Portugal.