20 Things You Didn't Know About Annabelle Louie (Singer/Fairchild TV Host)

    1. My Weakness

    I like milk chocolates and I can finish half a box of chocolates in one go and eat seven Macarons in one go, too

    2. Did you know?

    I never go to the movies alone because I like to discuss movie scenes as I'm watching.

    3. My Passion

    I love to dance! I have been doing Hip Hop in Vancouver for a few years now.

    4. My Obsession

    I love to wipe the floor with paper towels when I'm on the phone at home. I can't stand it when I find hair all over the place. When I'm talking on the phone, it seems like a good time to remove hair from the floor.

    5. Favourite Food / Drinks

    I have been vegetarian for 16 years and I feel great.

    6. Favourite Designer

    I'm a big Paul Frank fan, especially his sleepwear.

    7. Favourite Accessories

    I love to wear rings, really fancy ones, especially when I'm on stage!

    8. Favourite Colour

    My favourite colour is blue. Most of my accessories are blue. I even wear blue eyeliner.

    9. Favourite Hairstyle

    I wear my hair long and straight. I treat my hair to a hair mask once a year.

    10. Favourite Therapy

    Retail Therapy. The best way to release stress is to go shopping.

    11. Favourite Perfume

    My favourite cologne is Fierce by Abercrombie 

    12. Favourite Pastime

    I spend a lot of time washing my car and I enjoy it. It gives me great satisfaction when I drive a clean car.

    13. Favourite Character

    My favourite cartoon character is Tweety.

    14. Favourite Sport

    I'll go and do some exercise when I'm confused or frustrated. My favourite sport is kick boxing. Watch out people!

    15.  I miss...

    I really miss my Scottish Terrier Argie. He was 12 years old when he passed away.

    16. Secretly...

    I love to turn up the volume of my stereo when I'm driving on the highway.

    17. Favourite Cities

    I would love to visit Venice and Zurich.  I also love the city of Melbourne, especially in summer.

    18. Favourite Genre

    I love to watch horror movies.

    19. Life is...

    I think to live a happy life is not to ask what you can get but appreciate and treasure what you've got.

    20. Friends are...

    I don't call friends very often, but they're always on my mind.