10 Things You Didn't Know About Brenda Lo (Radio DJ & Senior Vice President Fairchild Radio AM1470)

    Brenda Lo graduated from the University of Kansas in the 80s, with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She returned to Hong Kong and joined Reddifusion Television as production assistant and became producer in less than 6 months.  After which she joined Commercial Radio 2 and became a member of the much renowned '6½ Pairs'. Hit programs hosted by Brenda included ‘Moonlight Gang of 4’, ‘Saturday Hotline’ and ‘Good Morning Hong Kong‘.

    Brenda is also a veteran in the music business, she recorded a few albums with CBS Sony, EMI and Polydor.  She is not a stranger to movies either, having appeared in many a pictures in the film industry of Hong Kong.

    Brenda migrated to Vancouver in the 90s and has worked for Fairchild Radio Vancouver AM1470 till today as Senior Vice President. She still hosts a daily music program 'Brenda’s Jukebox’, and a weekly program on FM96.1 ‘Only on Sundays’.

    Brenda has participated in either production or performance in numerous charity events organized by S.U.C.C.E.S.S., Richmond Hospital Foundation, Cancer Society, TMEA, and Chi Heng Foundation just to name a few. She also presents her own concerts every now and then.

    1. Growing up...

    My family has had all sorts of pets and creatures since my childhood days. Dogs, cats, gold fish, turtles, pigeons, ducklings, caterpillars and even a penguin (don’t ask). Definitely,  die hard animal lovers! My latest furry family members are my two cats.  They've been with me for the past 18 years.  Sai Sai  is a small black and white cat.  While Fai Mau is a chubby brown tabby. Yes, there are more adjectives than nouns for a name but I chose to go with easy distinction and their Chinese names reflects their outer appearance.

    2. There is no business like show business...

    I have had the good fortune of ‘portraying’ different characters in my show biz days – playing Chinese opera, a rich fair lady and even as one of the members of The Platters

    3. Record Holder

    I once played Sister Maria from the Sound of Music which was performed for Hong Kong Performing Arts. (I must have been the heaviest Sister Maria on record in the history of ‘The Sound of Music')

    4. Fond memories

    I went to college in Kansas. I experienced some tornadoes and survived. Also feel familiar fuzzy feelings with corn fields as I have worked on a farm, I once painted a barn and even nursed cattle one summer with the Nunamakers family. These were all wonderful wonderful experiences.

    5. I bet you didn't know

    Those who know me must think I have always been on the ‘chubby’ side..actually no. I once weighed only 70 lbs, when I was 10. I had average body weight in the 80's.  But then, I was on diet pills for 5 years!  Come to think of it, not healthy AT ALL.

    6. Things I love doing...

    I love travelling, and I can say the number one destination on my list is Hokkaido with its beautiful scenery and hot baths – to die for. I must say, having travelled to many different places, I enjoy a leisurely and back-to-nature style. No rush, no shopping and no morning calls please! Most of all, the best place on earth, I find, is HOME – Vancouver.

    7. Things I hate doing...

    I get hurt so frequently with any physical activities I do such that I refuse to do anything strenuous. I do things slowly and with great care - better caution than casualty. A few examples are – I dislocated my right knee cap while learning Judo in high school, got my left knee caught in a hay stack trolley machine while working on a farm one summer in Kansas, strained my shoulder joint doing gymnastics decades ago, and sprained my ankle an unlimited number of times. Do I want more?

    8. Favourite food or drinks

    Though I love to eat, I am not necessarily fussy or picky. I am a true believer of ‘Time of Harvest’. Food tastes best when it is in season as it is fresh, abundant, timely and cheap. Like water melon in summer, corn in the fall.  DO NOT go against nature’s schedule of produce. Fine dining is nice, but I prefer down to earth healthy dinners.

    9. Favourite artists or performers

    I don’t go to shows and concerts much any more. In a musical event, I look for interaction and touching feelings instead of fireworks, lighting, dancers and noise. To me, an artist like Jose Feliciano or Don McLean, Peter Paul and Mary, with unplugged guitars and one voice, is good enough to move me.

    10. Death is...

    I have never been scared of dying. Death comes to everyone and is more a relief than grief. I just want a quick and painless death. That, to me, will be the best gift from God.

    1988 Top Ten Outstanding Young Person (Hong Kong Region)

    1988 香港十大傑出青年