Versailles, Paris

    A hot and sunny Versailles day!

    One of my first stops in Paris was to visit the Palace of Versailles.  I have been to this palace before but not in August.  This time around it was incredibly hot and very crowded.  I came prepared for the heat by purchasing a battery operated mini fan that I could hang around my neck.  The cool thing about it (get it?) is that the air blows upwards.  So nifty and hands free too!  Quite a few people stopped and asked me about it.  

    If you've never been to Versailles it's about 20 kilometres south of Paris.  Unless you're staying in the Versailles area, I suggest you make it a day trip. The palace will take up the best part of the day.  It takes a couple of hours to go through the various rooms and to check out the works of art and antiques. After touring the inside of the palace you can go into the gardens.  The gardens are huge and there is a little train ride that can take you around.  Although the Palace is very beautiful it was very crowded and there was no air conditioning anywhere which meant the rooms in the Palace were stiflingly hot.  Note to self, visit Paris in the Off season.

    I usually end all my museum and palace tours with a purchase of their guide book and this time in Versailles, I even bought some perfume from the gift shop.  I'm not sure that Marie Antoinette used it. History stated she had her head chopped off for saying "Let them eat cake", but that has since been disputed.  Anyway, it was a great visit.  With my new perfume on I now smell nice and my head is still firmly attached to my shoulders. Check out the photos below!  

    Super busy with long queues of people trying to enter the Palace.

    The Royal Chapel

    The Hall of Mirrors

    A recurring theme in all my photographs from Paris - ceilings!  Love how elaborate and intricate they can be.

    Trianon Gardens