Yummy Paris!

    "In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport" - Julia Child

    Little cups of very strong espresso served with a sliver of chocolate.

    I am finally sorting through hundreds of photos from my month long trip to Europe this summer!  As you can imagine, many photographs were taken and I will be sharing with you the aspects of each of the cities I visited, including Paris, Rome, Liverpool and London.  I am lucky in that I have family members in all these cities.  I am particularly thankful for all their time and hospitality.  I spent the most time of this trip in Paris.

    I have a good reason to visit often as my mother lives there - lucky girl!  My main goal, this trip, was to visit with family and spend quality time with them.  After that, it was visiting museums and tourist destinations.  Of course, one cannot visit Paris without mentioning food and eat I did - non-stop!.  Alas!  I'm still paying for my gluttonous sins today!  I thought I'd start my European vacation recap with some of the yummy foods I enjoyed.  There were hundreds of food photos and I had to do a ruthless edit to pick some of my favourites from my 12 days in Paris.  Not only did we dine out, but I also ate several home cooked meals as well.

    An unusual way to buy macarons - in a palette.

    I absolutely love Macarons  I am embarrassed to say how many I had.  I even managed to gobble two large ones from Laduree just before boarding my flight home!  I just love that macrons are everywhere in Paris!  In fast food places, like McDonalds and even in little plastic containers in the food shop at the Louvre.  Everyone asked me what was the most memorable or favourite meal while I was in Paris and I'd have to say right off the bat, that it's my mom's home cooking.  One evening she made an amazing onion duck.  She bought the duck fresh from a farm and unlike Vancouver where it's already plucked.  My mom spent a good hour or so plucking and cooking the duck.  I'm a bit squeamish and decided to only partake in the eating part.  A close second would be the very large seafood platter, or, as it's called in Paris "Fruits de Mer".   I also enjoyed Steak Tartar, Duck Confit, French onion soup, French crepes and foie gras - just too many yummy dishes to describe.  So, I hope you'll enjoy the photos.  Don't ask me where I went though.  I can't remember!  I'm hopeless with names and besides it was all in French! I do know how to say Bon appetite though!

    Specials of the day at this eatery.               Someone in the family had steak tartar.       A very different pizza - it has an egg!

    We ordered two Seafood Platters!!  Absolutely delicious!

    Visiting Montmartre and came across this shop and of course, I had to buy some macarons.

    I am totally biased and think my mom's cooking is the best.  Here's mom's Onion Duck and Seafood Pasta.

    Stopping for a very sweet crepe!    Don't go pawing the fruit and veg in Paris, it's frowned upon.  They give you what you want, instead.  Much more hygienic if you ask me.  I'm not sure I like the idea of everyone handling the fruit.

    French onion soup.                      A yummy dessert from Laduree.   And a rum infused cake!  Heavenly!

    Potted ham and egg - very delishous!        Keeping it simple.  It's a duck leg and salad.

    Walking down part of the Eiffel Tower.

    "People who love to eat are always the best people" - Julia Child