Weekend in Penticton

    Outdoor patio at Poplar Grove Winery.

    Several years ago, I went camping along side the Okanagan Lake in Summerland.  I had such a great time visiting the many wineries.  So, I was really looking forward to going back.  For this trip, my friends and I stayed in Penticton. It's about a five hour drive from Vancouver to Penticton. The name Penticton roughly means "the place where water passes through".  It certainly lives up to its name because you can drive for miles and still see the lake.  After checking into our hotel, the Penticton Lakeside Resort, we headed out again for a quick tour of the nearby wineries.  You don't have to travel far, as many of the wineries are all along the same belt and you can pull in to any winery you like.  You will find that many wineries have their own restaurant, cafe or bistro attached, which seems to be popular in the wine country.  It does make it very easy and pleasant to be able to sample a few wines and then have a lovely gourmet lunch.  Make sure you have a "designated driver" while visiting the wineries.  Wine tasting usually requires you to "sip and spit".  Frankly, I didn't see that many people spitting!  Actually, it's only a mouthful per sample of wine.  Most wineries charge a minimum for tasting four different types of wines.  However, they deduct that charge off of any of your wine purchases.  There are so many types of wines available in this area. It's mind boggling!  You cannot visit all the wineries in one day,  therefore careful planning is required ahead of time to have a successful tour of the wineries.  You can pick up one of the many handy wine guide books to help you plan your own personal wine tour.  These can be found at the Tourist Information Centre or at any of the wineries. Happy wine tasting!

    Red Rooster Winery

    Enjoying the landscape after trying out some wines with my friend, Thelma.

    Beautiful Painted Rock Winery.   I love the modern architecture set amongst nature.

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    Wine infused truffles - yum!                                                                 Affordable award winning wines.

    Hanging around the tasting bar.                                                         Roast pig dinner with wine at Red Rooster Winery. 

    Loving the view at Painted Rock.

    The view at Painted Rock. 

    1. Pentiction Lakeside Resort, 21 Lakeshore Drive W, Penticton
    2. Poplar Grove Winery, 425 Middle Bench Road N, Penticton
    3. Red Rooster Winery, 891 Naramata Road, Penticton
    4. La Frenz Winery, 1525 Randolph Road, Penticton
    5. Jimmy's Kitchen, 101 Westminster Avenue West, Penticton
    6. Painted Rock Winery, 400 Smythe Drive, Penticton