Beauty 101 Miss Chinese Vancouver 2013 Cindy Zhong

    Cindy was crowned first-runner up at Miss Chinese International 2014 in Hong Kong

    Miss Chinese Vancouver 2013, Cindy Zhong recently returned from Hong Kong where she participated in the Miss Chinese International 2014 held on January 26th.  There were a total of 16 contestants from cities around the world including Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, L.A. and New York competing for the prestigious title of Miss Chinese International 2014.  Canada was represented by the pageant winners from Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.  The Vancouver beauties have had a terrific track record at this yearly event with 6 winners, one first runner up and 2 second runner ups. Cindy came home with the first runner up title adding to Vancouver's record of successful beauty queens.  

    Cindy stated that it was a fun, exciting and nervous event, especially since the very first event was for all the girls to meet the press in their bikinis.  Cindy held her own during the question and answer part of the competition.  Cindy was asked, if her mother and her both joined the pageant, who would win?  Cindy replied, definitely my mother! The emcee asked her what does her mother look like and Cindy replied 'look at me'.  It's easy to see why she was one of the favourites at the pageant.  

    Hydration, hydration, hydration! That's the secret to beautiful and youthful skin

    23 year old Cindy is currently studying at UBC, majoring in Economics.  She also has been studying music which she began at a young age. Her favourite instrument is the Chinese PiPa which she plays beautifully. Along with her studying, she is fulfilling her duties as Miss Chinese Vancouver 2013 making appearances and attending events.  She recently sat down with me and shared some of her beauty tips.  

    For her daily routine, she only wears make-up around the eyes and wears false eye lashes. Cindy is a big fan of false eyelashes and never leaves home without them.  For major events, Cindy prefers to use a professional make-up artist.  The colour scheme for her make-up depends on the colour of her clothing that she will be wearing for that day.  Cindy strongly believes in keeping her skin hydrated.  Several times a week she will leave a mask on her face overnight. She also uses a hair mask several times a week. Whenever she can, she will go pamper herself with a facial.  No wonder!  Cindy has beautiful skin.  Her routine is simple - cleanse and hydration.

    Congratulations Cindy on all of your successes and thanks for sharing some of your beauty secrets.

    Food Blogger Kim Bosco Mo accompanied Cindy on the stage of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant last December

    Cindy wore pink lipstick to match her hot pink dress on the day I interviewed her

    This is the makeup Cindy will use for attending events.

    It's very important to cleanse the skin especially after wearing makeup.