Beauty 101 - Caring for winter skin

     This Christmas I received a bottle of Philosophy Sparkling Cranberry which I have been using for my bubble bath.

    With temperatures below zero and the heat in the house is cranked up high, I need to take extra care of my skin.  My skin care routine varies from season to season, but the biggest variance is the number of baths I take.  In warmer months its easier to hop in and out of the shower, but during the winter, I absolutely love baths.  I am embarrassed to admit that I am like a baby who loves water. I just can't wait to get in!  Although I love bubble baths my most favourite type of bath would be a nice hot soak with two cups of Epsom salts.  It is very detoxifying and super relaxing.  It's also good for relaxing tired sore muscles and especially when you feel bloated.  You can buy bath salts in many varieties of scents and combinations.  My favourite would have to be Lavender infused Epsom salts which I pick up at the drug store.  You have to use two full cups in a tub of water for maximum effect.  After my warm soak (because I'm lazy), I pump a few drops of oil into the bath water.  By the time I come out of the tub, I've been detoxed and nicely moisturised.

    Here are some of my favourite oils for face,hair and body.

    Speaking of oils, I just love the new oil formulations that many companies are coming out with.  I love all the products by Josie Maranand have been using her Argan Oilsfor my face, hands and body. I  like to rub it into my nails and cuticles for some much needed nourishment especially when I am not wearing nail varnish. Dry brittle nails appear pinker and look healthier after a day or two.  Lately, I've been addicted to Argan Infinity Cream Intensive Creamy Oil.  It smells lovely but it is a heavier I use it at night, after my bath and just before bed.  I also use it on those days when my hands and legs feel really dry.  Another oil I really love is Caudalie's Divine Oil. I love the smell of it and I rub it into my hair after it's been blown dried.  Several years ago, I came across products byElemis.  I love their exotic Frangipani Monoi Oil.  To me, it's Hawaii in a bottle!  I love Hawaii and although I can't tell you what exactly Hawaii smells like, this Frangipani Monoi oil comes pretty close.  I use it on my skin after my bath and also in my hair.  I always receive compliments about how nice my hair smells. 

    I also like to use perfume oils.  My two absolute favourites are Kauai Orchid and Pikake Perfume Oilwhich I found on one of my trips to Hawaii.  They smell amazing.  They come as a roll-on and I use it just behind my ears.  It really lasts a long time which is great because I often find conventional perfumes smells great when you spray it on but doesn't last.  You end up putting lots on and of course, it puts people off which is exactly the opposite of why you wanted to put perfume on in the first place!

    Today I am wearing Paul & Jo Protective Fluid Foundation N on top of Stila One Step Corrector and Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Shock.  

    Some of my favourite foundations and concealers.  

    Besides bath time, I love to wear makeup.  It is way of life for me as I have been wearing makeup for work as long as I can remember.  Although, I like the idea of looking natural.  I feel it is only true for the very young. Same can be said for hair colour.  Once those greys are covered, you look years younger!  I wear make-up according to my work day.  If I know I am going to be filming for television, I use a slighter heavier foundation.  Just like women who change their handbags or shoes, I too wear several different foundations.  I like Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser which I apply on top of her Oil Free Foundation Primer.  I have also been using Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundationwhich changes colour to suit your own skin tone.  My foundation of choice though is Paul & Joe Protective Fluid Foundation N.  I love this product and wear it daily.  I feel it gives me the dewy look.

    Before I apply my foundation, I apply a light layer of Stila One Step Correct.  This is my desert island product.  It's a moisturiser, skin tone corrector and foundation primer all in one.  I cannot say enough good things about this product. I have a ruddy complexion which means my face is always red.  Without some foundation and concealer, I look like I've been heaving heavy items around or worse, crying!  I never leave home without applying some form of concealer or foundation on my face to cover the redness.

    At the end of the day, as far as foundation is concerned, it's all trial by error.  You have to experiment and try many products to find one that suits your skin type.  

    Here are some of the things I use daily.  

    Pink is my favourite colour and I wear pink, coral or peach blush.  The two blushes I use the most are Rosy Glow by Christian Dior and Stila Colour Enhancing in Peach.  Both these blushes are supposed to change to adapt to your skin tone.  I also like Mascara and use many different brands.  I usually end up using three different mascaras on my lashes.  It's amazing how long they look afterwards. I also like to use coloured mascara.  I feel it brightens the eyes and it seems to work for me.  I generally use purple/blue and green.

    The most important part of my skin care routine is cleansing.  Another desert island product for me has to be Bioderma.  It really cleans the face.  Every trace of makeup comes off including all the mascara. I don't use any harsh soaps or cleansers as I have dry skin.  Once I've finished with the Bioderma it's just a good rinse with some tepid water followed by a cold water splash.  I always make sure to splash my face with cold water after a shower or bath.  

    I suffer from Rosaeca which means my face is always red.  My skin is sensitive and I like to use gentle products on my skin. Bioderma is one of the best and cleanest cleanses I have ever used.  Every trace of makeup comes off.  

    Now that the weather is so cold here in Vancouver and skin is so dry, I am using facial oils for my face. I love Josie Maran Ultra Lightweight Moisturising Oil. I love Caudalie Divine Oil for my hair and I use Avene Body Oil which I put in the tub.  An extra large tub of Cetaphi Moisturising Hydrating Cream for hand and face comes in handy too. 

    I love wearing makeup and enjoy playing around with different colours.  However, I always make sure that I give my skin a holiday, usually on weekends and not wear any makeup at all.  You won't find me going out without my makeup on though as I consider it as essential as putting on clothes.  I feel it's important to put your best face forward.   

    Mascaras that I love.                                                                              I like dark muted colours for my eyes.

    I like to use really bright blushes.                                                      I have been using these lipsticks and glosses lately.