Beauty 101 with Anita Yuen Wah Lee

    Busy mom of three and daily radio show host Anita Lee.

    We have many talented radio DJ's and "On Air" personalities at AM1470 and one of them is the gorgeous Anita Yuen Wah Lee.  Many people from Hong Kong will know Anita from her days as a busy actress in film and television drama shows.  Anita started her career as a student at the prestigious Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. She has acted in many stage productions, movies, television shows as well as being a talented singer.  She is what performers call a "Triple Threat".  Anita moved to Canada in the early nineties where she got married. Now a mother to a ten year old daughter and four year old twin boys, she still manages to host a radio program in the afternoon at Am1470 called "Daily Topic".  Recently, I sat down with Anita for a chat and asked her to share with us her beauty secrets.  

    As a busy mom, Anita does not like to spend too much time on her daily routine and usually can be ready in 10-15 minutes.  She says no matter how rushed she is, she never leaves home without applying some eyeliner and mascara.  Anita has long eyelashes and she credits this to a product called Latisse, which she applied nightly for four months to her eye lashes.  She says she is now in the maintenance stage.  Also, thanks to regular Laser Genesis treatments Anita has flawless skin and she only applies some serum and a tinted moisturiser which she picks up from her skin specialist.  She feels her skin is smoother and firmer and she credits it to the laser treatments that she receives every 6-8 weeks.  Here are some of the products that Anita likes to use.  

    Some of Anita's makeup and skin care products.  She use Jane Iredales tinted moisturizer on a daily bases. She applies a mineral powder that contains SPF on top.  Erno Lazlo is a brand that Anita has been using for many years and especially enjoys their masks.  Anita also likes to use serums and Obaji and Kiehls are two of her favourites.

    Some of Anita's skin cleansing products.  We both love Cetaphil and Bioderma.  I use Bioderma everyday and feel it is the best makeup remover and face cleanser on the market.  Anita picks up giant bottles of Bioderma when she is in Hong Kong.  All girls love a  bit of pink and Anita likes to use pretty hand soaps and lotions that also smell terrific. 

    Anita applies Latisse on her eyelids for longer lashes.     A facial steamer and a sonic facial brush for super clean skin.

    Anita has flawless skin. She goes for Laser Genesis treatments every 6-8 weeks.

    It was fun catching up with Anita Lee and swapping beauty secrets.  I discovered that there were a few products that we both liked to use.  Bioderma is definitely a great skin cleanser and I also use the mascarra called "Benefit -they're Real".  I really envied Anita's long eyelashes and will look into trying out Latisse too.  Anita considers herself a low maintenance girl.  When your skin is in good condition you don't really need to do a lot to it.  However, we both had a laugh at the amount of time we spend taking care of our long hair!  Thanks Anita for sharing.  

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