Snow Geese

    The Snow Geese have landed!  Each year from around mid October to December Snow Geese in the thousands make their migratory flight from the Arctic to B.C.  These snowy white geese with their black tipped wings settle on wetlands, farms and open fields in Delta, Ladner and Richmond.  I spotted this large flock of geese along River Road in Richmond. It's not difficult to miss them as they are very noisy.    Apparently, last year around 70,000 of Snow Geese made the 5000 mile journey to the Fraser River.  It's quite a sight to see and attracts many bird enthusiasts and photographers. A good place to go see the Snow Geese is the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary in Delta.  It's a lovely place to visit to see different bird species.  I highly recommend it.  

    A lovely Fall day to check out the Snow Geese.

    There are so many of them as far as the eye can see.

    Watching my step.  Lots of Geese means lots of geese droppings!

    The Snow Geese are everywhere!

    Treading carefully!  I don't want to frighten the geese away.

    Snow Geese - Chen Caerulescens

    It's very pretty along River Road.  You can walk, jog or bicycle along the path all the way down to Steveston.

    Photographs by Calvin Lee