Halloween Fun

    Halloween is really celebrated big time here in North America.  It's been a long time since I last wore a costume.  So, this year, a group of us decided to challenge ourselves (and our comfort zone) by dressing up for Halloween. The theme was Witches, Wizards and Devils.  Everyone really made an effort with their costume and make-up.  In the end, we had 6 Witches, one Devil, one Wizard and one Zombie Penguin (who was viciously attacked by the devil).  We all contributed to a small cash prize to encourage everyone to really give it their best shot.  After voting, Jo Jo's amazingly scary witch tied with my two-faced witch!  We had a great time and all agreed half the fun was in the preparation for our Halloween costume party.  Many of us took it quite seriously as we had practice sessions with our make-up.  We were quite a sight last night.  Fortunately, it's Halloween and everyone else was also dressed up.  Even the staff at Cache Bistro joined in the fun. Manager, Adam entertained us with a string of jokes! I wish I could remember and repeat jokes.  I am hopeless at jokes.   You can see Adam's costume.  He's the scary puppet!   We enjoyed a great meal at Cache Bistro and probably entertained the other patrons with our antics.  I hope we weren't too noisy!  The food was great at Cache Bistro and Chef Alex Mok was in and out of the kitchen checking on us. Some of us chose the tasting menu from the blackboard while I decided to have Scallops on a bed of Quinoa salad followed by a deliciously decadent Swan and cream desert!
    We had a great time and everyone is already talking about next years party!  What theme shall it be?  Hey, everything is On Sale today!  Might as well check out what other costumes there are.  Happy Halloween!

    Love Bosco's dead penguin. He was attacked by the devil and came back as a zombie penguin.

    Cache Bistro and Lounge

    A gathering of witches on Halloween in downtown Yaletown!

    Jo Jo came to pick me up at my house and really scared me! I didn't recognize her! haha