Hanging out with Food & Wine Bloggers

    One of the joys of working on my radio show is the opportunity to meet so many different people.  I love my interview segments and try to arrange to have as many guests from various fields on my show.  Two areas of my show that are popular with audiences are the travel and the food segment.  Every Tuesday for the past several years, I have been chatting with various foodies and chefs from the lower Mainland.  You can find their links, websites and blogs on my website.  We are usually so busy with our own schedules that it is often rare for us to get together outside of the show.  Recently, I was able to take an afternoon off to tag along with food bloggers Henry and Stephanie Yuen from www.beyondchopsticks.com.  As well as, food blogger Bosco Mo from www.kim-bosco.com. We visited the Big River Brew Pub in Richmond and chatted with brew Master Michael Stewart.  We had a great time trying out beer at the only beer brewery/pub in Richmond.  We met Master Brewer, Michael and his son, Dex who showed us how they make the brew.  We also sampled various beers over a big lunch.  I'm not an expert on food and wine,  I was happy to just tag along for the experience and try out some beers.  Make sure you check out all their blogs for a more detailed description.   It was very informative and I hope I can find time in the future to join my food bloggers on their next foodie adventure.  Here are some photos of the bloggers in action!