Los Angeles 2013

    A visit to the Hollywood Walk of Fame this summer brought back pleasant memories of a summer three years ago where I, along with my sister, accompanied a group of English teenage girls comprising of my nieces and their friends who were visiting California for the first time.  We stayed in a lovely home on the Hollywood Hills rumoured to be where the Hollywood 'stars' lived.  We didn't see any stars but we did see the occasional tour bus go by.  Now the girls were determined to have a 'Hollywood Experience' and somehow they found out on-line that acclaimed British actress Emma Thompson was receiving her very own Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  The star struck girls felt they had to show their patriotic support to Ms. Thompson by showing up next morning to catch all the action.  We arrived early and thank goodness we did.  It seemed everyone else knew about it, too.  All the photographers, TV reporters and, I guess, paparazzi were all in place.  We were fortunate to carve out a good viewing spot right in front of the Pig n' Whistle where the Oscar winning actress was to receive her star.  It was all very exciting made doubly so when 'Dr. House' himself (actor Hugh Laurie) suddenly showed up to make a few speeches and introduce Emma Thompson.  Now, the day before, someone had the bright idea to go to a flag shop in L.A. and purchase a bunch of Union Jacks.  So, there we all were waving the British flag for Emma.  We were an eye-catching bunch and some of the photographers took our photo, too!  The girls were delighted!  Emma Thompson is gorgeous and funny in real life.  She did approach the front and acknowledge our motley crew of flag waving fans.  Long after all the excitement and the celebrities had departed, we all took turns having our photo taken next to Emma Thompson's Star. 

    The summer of August 2010 - my family and our friends were fortunate to be in LA when Emma Thompson received her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    So, this summer, without a group of teenage girls in tow, I decided to revisit the Hollywood Walk of fame.  I found Emma Thompson's star and yes, I had another photo taken.  I even spotted a couple of blank stars, too!  I wonder which celebrity will be next?  In the meantime, I'm going to pretend it's for me!  After all, Hollywood is all about make believe, isn't it?

    Flash forward a few years and it's the summer of  August 2013.  Here I am revisiting Emma Thompson's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  I found a blank star - so I'm going to pretend it's for me!!

    The Pig n' Whistle Pub (1) and Grauman's Chinese Theatre (2) are all on Hollywood Boulevard.

    If you watch the video, you will spot me and my flag waving friends!

    Emma Thompson honoured with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you watch the video, you will see me and my group of Union Jack waving Emma Thompson fans cheering her on that morning. We even received her autograph for our efforts. She's quite marvellous! Yes! I'm going to have to admit that it was quite exciting to be so close to a real life celebrity!