Penguin Encounter at San Diego SeaWorld

    (1) San Diego Sea World, (2) San Diego Zoo and (3) San Diego Safari Park.

    I love visiting San Diego.  Three of my favourite places to see animals are there.  San Diego Zoo, San Diego Sea World and San Diego Safari Park.  I have visited all three and enjoyed seeing all the different animals and even having close encounters with them.  The last time I was in San Diego, I visited the Safari park and had the opportunity to feed Giraffes.  You can check out that blog and the photos here.  For my most recent trip to San Diego, I signed up for a close encounter with Penguins at Sea World.

    I'm ready for my close encounter with the Penguins!

    It's about a one hour guided tour behind the scenes at the Penguin habitat.  There is even an opportunity to get really close to a penguin.  On my visit, we were introduced to a Macaroni penguin.  Remember the famous animation 'Happy Feet'?  That's the Penguin with two long yellow feathers growing from the side of his head.  I was surprised to learn how soft Penguins are.  We were able to touch the penguin (under the watchful eye of the animal experts).  We were also able to visit the actual penguin enclosure where over 300 penguins are kept.  It was very cold in there with temperatures kept at 25 degrees Fahrenheit and also quite dim. Photography flash light is discouraged but I managed to take some blurry photos anyway.    It was such a unique experience to see so many different penguins including the famous Emperor Penguin and King Penguin. They are the only two Penguins that live in cold weather.  All other penguins are warm weather penguins.  It was very interesting to learn from the experts all about the penguins and their habits.  

    Up close with a Macaroni Penguin.  I'm  so surprised how soft they are!

    I spent a full day at SeaWorld checking out the various marine life.  There is so much to see from Killer Whales, Dolphins, Beluga Whales, Sea lions, Polar bears, Arctic Foxes and the list goes on.  There's also Turtle Reef where over 80 giant turtles live and an amazing underwater viewing tunnel at the Shark Encounter


    Almost looks like he's looking at me!

    Giant sea turtles!

    Sea World is a family friendly park and besides marine life there are other attractions to keep young kids happy.  Roller coaster rides include the newest addition called Manta and a very wet ride called Journey to Atlantis.  I am talking soaking wet from head to toe!  I couldn't resist the plush toys in the gift shop and bought a really fun and real looking plush Seal toy to remind me of my trip to Sea World. 

    Absolutely soaking wet after the Atlantis ride!                                                Just had to bring one of these toy seals home!

     There was also the Shamu show featuring Shamus' family of Orcas.  You watch a brief history of SeaWorld's efforts in conservation before the Killer Whales come out.  I have to say that the Orca Whales really are the stars of SeaWorld.  

    Ever wondered what the inside the mouth of a killer whale?

    I had a super fun day at SeaWorld.  To be honest, I didn't want to leave.  I could've stayed and watched the marine animals all day!  There is so much to do in San Diego.  If you have time you can also visit San Diego Zoo and San Diego Safari Park.