Sunshine Nation Vancouver 2012

    I had the pleasure of being one of the judges at this year's Sunshine Nation held on August 24th at Michael J. Fox Theatre. I have judged this exuberant show before and always enjoy myself. It is great to see the 8 young adults, four boys and four girls competing against each other in a friendly and fun environment. They sang, danced, acted and performed their hearts out and I can tell they were really putting on their best. The audience, especially the legions of fans and family members attending that night made it very clear who were their personal favourites. As a judge, I had a busy time keeping one eye on the contestants and another on the noisy fans behind me. It was all great fun. I love judging Sunshine Nation competition as I feel it offers a great platform for young adults to really discover what they are made of, discover a talent or two and make new friends. To me, Sunshine Nation is a promise of what the future may hold for these young people. Good luck to the winners!