I would love to share with all of you some of my activities and interests outside of my life on Television and Radio. Vancouver is a diverse and multi-cultural city and there are plenty of events and things to keep one busy. I love to travel when I can and try to head out of town as often as my schedule allows.

Like almost everyone, I also love to eat. Vancouver is quite a foodie town. Although, I am not a foodie or food blogger, I do like to try out new chefs and restaurants. When I’m not “On Air” or filming television shows I spend time with a few food bloggers.  We call ourselves The Three Gourmigos!  Although, I wouldn’t say I’m a food blogger in the strictest sense, I do enjoy going out to eat with my friends.

I love all kinds of food and to be honest, I am not picky at all. Secretly, I think I enjoy the idea of going out to eat more than the actual eating part. But don’t tell my friends that.  I will be sharing some of my photos of the places I go to eat.

I like meeting new friends, trying out new experiences and generally having a good time when I can. So, I’ll be sharing some of my activities with you as well as my interests which are quite varied.  You’ll find blogs on beauty and makeup, blogs of my latest dining experiences as well as other adventures.

My motto in life is “Work hard, Play harder”!