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November 2014


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Brenda Lo's Taiwan Food Adventure

Nov 13, 2014

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Versailles, Paris

Oct 11, 2014

hot and sunny Versailles day!One of my first stops in Paris was to visit the Palace of Versailles.  I have been to this palace before but not in August.  This time around it was incredibly hot and very crowded.  I came prepared for the heat by purchasing a battery operated mini fan that I could hang around my neck.  The cool thing about it (get it?) is that the air blows upwa…read more…

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20 Things You Didn't Know About Annabelle Louie (Singer/Fairchild TV Host)

Nov 4, 2014

1. My WeaknessI like milk chocolates and I can finish half a box of chocolates in one go and eat seven Macarons in one go, too2. Did you know?I never go to the movies alone because I like to discuss movie scenes as I'm watching.3. My PassionI love to dance! I have been doing Hip Hop in Vancouver for a few years now.4. My ObsessionI love to wipe the floor with paper towels when I'm on the phone at…read more…

Deborah's Video Pick

1theK (원더케이) 04:23

I've been loving this song lately. What a nice voice!

KBSKpop 04:55

Nice duet! They both have such great voices!