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October 2015


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10 Things You Didn't Know About Louisa Chan

Sep 15, 2015

Hanging with Louisa Chan.Louisa Chan has always been passionate about writing and all things fun since childhood. The former press editor in Hong Kong and Vancouver had a remarkable 10-year career in the publishing industry before she decided to drop everything and write, for the sake of writing. Henceforward, her first blog LFORLIFE.COM was born. 1. Louisa is a......Copywriter, blogger, ins…read more…

Tea and Mooncakes

Sep 5, 2015

Happy Mid Autumn Festival with Tea and Mooncakes. TWG Tea 2015 Traditional Mooncake Collection - Constellation, Moonlight, Harvest, Fire. TWG Autumn Celebration Tea & tea infused mooncakes. A Moonlit Night  (Li Fangping) The moon has painted half the room at dead of night, The slanting Plough and Southern Stars shed their dim light. I can feel in the air the warm breath of new sp…read more…

Hawaii 2015

Aug 24, 2015

Beautiful Hanauma Bay along the south-east coast of Oahu.I consider Hawaii my home away from home.  I always tell people that if I'm not living in Vancouver, I would be living in Hawaii.  I love the laid back life style and the close proximity of the sun and ocean life.  Hawaii, in a way, reminds me of Vancouver.  The culture is very diverse.  Besides Hawaiians living the…read more…

Hawaii Adventures 2015

Aug 24, 2015

I love coming to Kekaha Kai State Park. My favourite beach. (photos)If you checked out my last blog you'll know I was in Hawaii this summer.  It was a fabulous summer vacation with family and friends.  I have visited Hawaii before and never tire of coming back.  After staying in Honolulu, my family and I flew onto the Big Island.  The Big Island is my favourite of all the Hawa…read more…