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March 2015


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Modern Day Treasure Hunter - Tiffany & Co Chief Gemologist Melvyn Kirtley

Feb 26, 2015

Green Tourmaline Tiffany earrings set in 18 carat goldDeborah: I would like to know what comes first, is it the design first or do you source out these exquisite jewels and then come back to Tiffany and say, "Look what I found" and then work around that?Melvyn: Actually it's a combination of both. I'll often travel with our Design Director Francesca Amfitheatrof and we'll look at things…read more…

Dalmore Rare Whiskies

Feb 23, 2015

Beautiful display of rare whiskies from Dalmore.  I love the silver stag.   Simple and elegant.On Chinese New Year Day, I attended The Dalmore Presentation, Whisky Tasting and Dinner hosted by The Dalmore's Global Constellation Collection Brand Ambassador, David Robertson.  This exclusive event was held at the BLACK+BLUE Private Dining Room in Vancouver.  The Dalmore Cons…read more…

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12 Things You Didn't Know About William Hu

Dec 8, 2014

I prefer good company over good foodAlthough I never knew my biological parents - I was fortunate to be adopted and raised by the best parents in the whole world.I believe good luck comes when you have a positive attitude.Life is a choice, a free, unfettered lifestyle could be very lonely.I would feel irritated all day if I didn't do my hair right.I must be schizophrenic as I am a Gemini + Blood …read more…

Deborah's Video Pick

The Three Gourmigos, Winnie Ko and Raymond Sham wish you Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

pogo616TV 00:47

Il Volo and Belinda - Feliz Navidad

esai 05:02

Really enjoying Il Volo's new CD - Buon Natale The Christmas Album. Love this song!